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Message posted by Gregos on September 19, 2009 at 16:13:49 PST:

Just a follow up here to the dirt question. I know in the past, Hank and I believe others like Lonewolf, mentioned Queen City Summit has areas that are still "hot" from fallout. Does anyone have exact locations for the "hot" areas as well as how hot they actually are? I'd like to visit but I don't need to glow in the dark either!

While on the topic, the last day of Red Flag 09-5, Joerg and his neighbor, Bob, and I drove up to Ft Simms to watch the show. Unfortunately, the weather in Rachel was very nasty and they called off the exercise. We sat up there on the hill shooting the breeze and killing a beer or two. The topic came up about radioactivity in the water, etc. Bob said he had seen maps of areas near the Rachel Gate that were hot and workers we instructed never to go into those areas. While up on the hill he said he would look for the maps, but I never seen him after that trip. Maybe when Joerg's back online I'll ask him to follow up as this interests me...


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