Re: President Clinton says area 51 is "boring"

Message posted by habu-e6 on September 19, 2009 at 8:56:54 PST:

Tagboard has demonstrated the basic operations for keeping classified programs, classified programs.

All the hype and mystery that places like Area 51 exhibit are simply a matter of operation security (OPSEC) communications security (COMSEC). Disinformation plays a huge role in this factor.

Most people don't realize how much effort, time, and resources go into military facility and mission operations. The details and responsibilities are tremendous.

Reading threw an Operation Plan (OPLAN) for a single maintenance complex is unbelievable. And that is just the basic information guide. All the details for specific units, sections, and shops are an addition to it.

There are inspections upon inspections upon inspections by many different federal government, military, state, and local agencies. There are contingency operations, war time operations and many types of exercises.

One good example is tool control, working in a aircraft maintenance machine shop you have LOTS of tools. Every tool must be inspected and accounted for every time a box is checked out, checked in, at shift change, before arriving to an aircraft, before leaving an aircraft, upon arrival back to the shop. Inventory list are signed, checked and rechecked. If by some rare reason a tool is lost, a whole contingency plan for a lost tool gets initiated, flightlines are shut down until the tool is found or the commander signs off on it. Commanders do not like to sign off for lost tools. Not reporting a lost tool can get you in jail.

Other types of responsibilities are, OJT Training, Systems Training, Ancillary Training (ejection seats, oxygen enriched environments, fuel systems, tech data, security training, equipment custodian, supply and bench stocks, technical order maintenance, flightline driving, supervisor training, performance reports, records management, hazardous waste management, environmental compliance, disaster preparedness, NBC certification, drug and alcohol awareness, weapons proficiency, hazardous communications, safety, Etc,)

Other duties include special duties, TDY's, ceremonies, military parades, change of command, and many other military functions. and someone still has to clean the latrines.

So, I'm sure I left out a few things but in any case you can get an idea of what the average troop is doing on a military installation. Next time you think something mysterious is going on down there, think about this stuff first.

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