Re: President Clinton says area 51 is "boring"

Message posted by TAGBOARD on September 18, 2009 at 22:12:04 PST:

Thanks for sharing the interesting video. These types of posts are what bring me back to this site and similar on a regular basis.

President Clinton appears to discuss the operating location near Groom Lake. In addition, he states that there may be career bureaucrats that may have not disclosed information he was seeking.

Regarding SCI information, you need two (sometimes three) things to access information. Clearance at or above the level classification and need to know. Sometimes they'll state you also need a signed NDA, but that is essentially a Need to Know.

I don't see how anyone, sent by means of curiosity by the administration (as Clinton states) would have the appropriate access. The nature of the request would have needed to be disclosed and the separate programs would have simply not granted access knowing full well their program did not involve what the administration was looking for - aliens.

The executive leadership of defense contractors have been known to lay-off or fire FSOs in their organization, and lose access to classified contracts and their customers. This was a result of not being granted access, or knowledge, of what was happening in the SAP/SAR programs.

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