Message posted by Robert on September 16, 2009 at 15:58:27 PST:

I was actually trying to help you out. There isn't really a lot of discussion about environmental issues regarding Area 51, NTS, or Nellis Range in this forum n a daily basis. There is an occasional post when something new comes up, but it isn't the continual posting that you seem to be searching for. You seem to harbor quite a bit of hostility. I was never rude to you. I venture out to the perimeter of Area 51 about 20-25 times a year. I contribute Trip Reports, photos of anything unusual, or any interesting things I manage to see while being out there. That is what this site is about. Go back and check the forum archive to get a real feel for what is discussed with great interest here. I guess it is easier to just not open and read the posts that are irrelevant.

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