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I've only seen one landing back in '92 on the actual lakebed. Two sonic booms, everyone looks up. It circles a few times then lands. The whole show lasts about 5 minutes! Then the Air Force politely told us all to get off their lakebed! Lol.

The Shuttle usually lands (now anyways) on the asphalt Runway 22. I guess where to go would depend on your camera and lens. The highway is about 6 miles from the end of the runway so a "sureshot" won't due much good. But I imagine if you hang around the "town" of Desert Lake, it will go right over your head for a belly shot.

The NASA channel is the best for live coverage. No annoying reporter yapping away -just a live feed of the Mission Control Center. On the downside, you have to hash thru the thousands of acronyms NASA uses all on your own. Then of course there's:

They update the news on the site in almost realtime.

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