Interesting disinformation story regarding a plane crash

Message posted by gary on September 30, 2001 at 12:25:39 PST:

I've heard this story about a F117 crash a few times, but never heard about the USAF dumping the remains of another plane on the crash site to confuse the airplane "archeologists." Here is the relevant part of the story and yes, there is an Area 51 link:
To mislead anyone who might try to search the area for pieces of the F-117A, the recovery crew had the remains of an F-101A Voodoo, one that had crashed and been stored at Area 51 for over two decades, broken up. They returned to the crash site and scattered the debris throughout the area. On Aug. 7 the Air Force announced it had withdrawn its guards from the crash site and would no longer restrict access to the area.

If you read the whole article, there is a reference to an A12 crash near Wendover. The location looks pretty flat, so I suspect the clean up was really good, but you never know....

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