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Message posted by Ron on July 28, 2009 at 11:14:33 PST:

TR- was just a designation made up to make it more palatable for basing U-2 aircraft in the UK. SO U-2 got changed to TR-1, which has since been changed back to U-2.

There was a whole TIERed UAV program, with different levels, 1 through 3. Tier-3 was the biggest ones, with variations in between like Tier-3 minus and Tier-2 plus.

The whole TR-3 thing has turned into its own cottage industry of believers, all form an article not long after the first Gulf War talking about a supposed TR-3 aircraft, which was just a misinterpretation of Tier-3 anyways. And thats led to the ever ludicrious TR-3B nuclear powered/flying triangle/spacecraft, etc etc etc.

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