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Message posted by Gregos on July 18, 2009 at 13:38:38 PST:

It's all to your left my friend, but here are the coordinates for some of the places I view from:

Good view of the JANET terminal from the street (Haven & Four Seasons Dr):
36 5.385'N / 115 10.097'W

Long Term parking at the Airport (The first 15 minutes are free!):
36 5.152'N / 115 9.040'W

More good JANET views are from the Tropicana Hotel as well as from the Foundation Room but that is only open to the public on Mondays.

To watch JANETS Take off and land I use the Hard Rock's Parking Garage at:
36 6.664'N / 115 9.230'W

To watch Janets land I go to Fry's Electronic's parking lot at:
36 3.896'N / 115 10.680'W

Nellis AFB
From any of the gates at Las Vegas Speedway on Las Vegas Blvd:
36 16.161'N / 115 0.291'W

Cheyenne Ave for Runway 03 Take Offs and Landings:
36 13.094'N / 115 3.271'W

Gravel Rd off Las Vegas Blvd for runway 21 Take Offs and Landings:
36 17.376'N / 114 58.200'W

There is a good spot to view if you follow the fence near this turn off that puts you further away from getting belly shots of the aircraft on final, however, this requires a 4WD vehicle.

Hope this helps for starters...


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