Re: Shouldn't we be more advanced?

Message posted by werD on July 09, 2009 at 19:32:57 PST:

As the "lots of vehicles" thread points out... 500 employees or more, full time, every week for decades... I have a hard time thinking they've stopped there.

Not doubting your wisdom here, Peter, but is that much activity really necessary for just a few simple projects to keep what seems to be fairly simple tech running? I mean, I guess when you add in multiple proof-of-concept failures between successes that makes the picture look a little better... but there seem to be more than enough facilities outside of Groom to account for everything we've seen thus far.

Perhaps my sense of what amount of manpower is needed to get a good technology off the ground is distorted by reading about the early skunkworks days... but 500 full-timers sure seems like a whole lot of work for us to be still using U2s etc.

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