The new Hangar

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on July 05, 2009 at 11:04:08 PST:

I would like to share some random observations on the new hangar for discussion. It has been mentioned that the taxi way connecting it to the ramp is not very wide, suggesting a small "resident" of the hangar. The taxi way is actually about the same width as the new center taxiway, and only 25% less than the taxiways at McCarran, which are designed for really big birds (approx 75ft. vs. 100ft.). The taxi line is quite far away from the hangar, suggesting a fairly good wingspan. The line is in the center of the hangar, again suggesting a resident with a fairly good wingspan.

The taxi lines of all other hangars around the south ramp only go to north, to the central intersection with the new central taxiway. Including the new hangar east of H9-16. The new large hangar is the only one that has a taxi line going straight to the southern taxiway/runway 12/30. BTW: The runway 12/30 has been extended to begin just south ot the central intersection now.

Looking at the image again, I believe we have only four stories of offices on the east side of the hangar.

The main direction of travel for vehicles to and from the new hangar seems to be straight to the road west of H-16, that leads to the main base. So, there does not seem to be a close connection to any of the other projects/hangars at the south ramp.

Any comments?


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