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It doesn't appear to be a traditional "dirt track" for recreational use one would think of. Even for ATVs it's narrow and pretty plain. I know they built a softball diamond for base personnel years ago, but, would they go to the trouble of a dirt track for rec use? Have any pics been taken of base employees hauling ATVs/dirt racers in or out of the place?


Whatever is using it is using it at moderate speed, generally alone, and with a need to see it do a limited variety of things. No observation tower over the track which makes you wonder, if remote piloted ground vehicles, how they're being controlled and observed for testing. No special infrastructure for the "track" that is obvious.

It seems not big enough for anything but singular ATV/bike riding. But, why would they go to the trouble of building a track for occasional individual use during free time.......especially when the time to use it in that manner would be so limited?

As for the triangular array talked about so much earlier, I mused that as fallacy originall but now concede the point. It does appear to be on a rotating paltform but can shed any further ideas as to what it is designed to do? Why need to rotate?

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