Quiet Week?

Message posted by Hamster on June 26, 2009 at 19:36:06 PST:

over the last month i've spent about half my time in the tikaboo valley and rachel area.

i arrived again yesterday and am slightly surprised and disappointed how quiet it has been here. the last two days and two nights i have only seen one aircraft, an f-16.

several weeks ago there was lots of action and i got a few good pics of f-22s, a-10s and f-16s. i think i also saw what appeared to be UAVs at night off to the northwest.

so did i just happen to stumble across a busy time period before? or is it unusually quiet right now?

so far the big excitement the last two days has been that when exploring trails going towards the base (not groom road) that a black jeep has twice come up from behind me.


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