Re: Needles "UFO" Crash Site circa March 2008

Message posted by Hankmann on June 05, 2009 at 14:20:05 PST:

Joerg, thank you for looking into it deeper, hopefully a rough idea of the location can arise.

For the couple of replies that flamed me, I want to just touch on what I feel a "UFO" is. It's just that, unidentified. Not ET, not little green men, just something unexplained at the moment.

I am not trying to solve SETI on my own time.

I have an upcoming trip to Nevada planned in July and am going to stay in Laughlin for a few nights. I think it would be neat to go a little hike looking around the area of a claimed UFO crash site. I've not had that experience before.

Being semi-new to the site, or at least posting on it, I was nervous using the UFO language, but eh, what else can it be called?

I am not a nut, just someone looking for a new adventure in Nevada.

One new adventure will be the Red Flag exercise, looking forward to that !

Thanks again for the responses.

PS - I'll do the digging, just need a spot to start !

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