Re: Needles "UFO" Crash Site circa March 2008

Message posted by Roadeye on June 05, 2009 at 12:27:37 PST:


I did not, anywhere in my post, use the word dumb.
That word came from you, not me.
Nor, did I say anywhere in my post that I questioned the intelligence of anyone here.
What I did do was talk about public perception.
And, again I confess to being very blunt, attempt to point out that in the eyes of the public in general what you people are attempting to do here could be perceived as every bit as strange as the people many of your posters call "UFO Nuts" are doing.

I'm open minded on the subject of UFOs.
But I'm fascinated and very intrigued by the work that you guys are doing here.
I admire and respect you for it.
You guys are doing great work here and I hope you continue.
That being said, there is no way I would ever call you dumb or question your intelligence in any way at all.
When I talked about public perception...I never said anywhere that I agreed with public perception.
Yet it exists... and we are both very very aware that it does.
So, why then, since I am open to the subject of UFOs
must I quite often endure the insults and out and out disrespect of some of this board's posters when I come here to read about all of the great stuff you are doing here?
Is that the price of being a Dreamland Resort Fan?
Somehow, I don't think that's your intent.

With full respect.


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