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You know, it's high time that a few of you posters here got a lesson in public perception.
And it's high time that someone was honest enough to tell you that even though some of you here may be "wet dreams for Fox News" you are, more often than not, viewed as nightmares to the majority of the world's news media.
The big shocker being that you have even less credibilty to most people than people who have claimed to see a (insert "Three Forbidden Letters" here).
Now why is that?
Well, for starters, most people around the world who have had close encounters with ("Three Forbidden Letters)s usually are going about their usual daily routines and have happened upon the sightings by accident.
This is very different in the eyes of the public than someone who's spent thousands of dollars on four wheel drive vehicles, gps systems, high tech night vision spotting scopes, and trips to mountain peaks in the desert in an effort to get a sound bite from a mysterious control tower speaking in strange codes or a very fuzzy shot of a black dot in the sky with a peculiar contrail that for some reason is very significantly different than those left behind by your typical Boeing 747.
Next, most people who claim to have seen a (insert "Three Forbidden Letters" here)usually offer up no explanation for what they've seen.
In fact, most of them usually state up front that what they've witnessed could be some "Top Secret" government project.
The term (insert "Three Forbidden Letters" here) or the mention of "Outer Space" in these cases, is most often offered up by some nervous, bumbling, government hack who's put in front of the cameras to outrightly deny the existance of the "Top Secret" government program.
How does this compare with a "message board full of experts" who not only claim to know all about what they've seen, but who will argue and fight to the death with each other about whether or not the "ZX-350B model is capable of vertical flight, even though the government and nearly every other aviation expert on the planet says the ZX-350B model (with the "Left Handed Smoke Shifter" on the left elivon) doesn't even exist on paper?
Trust me folks, I could go on and on here.
But suffice it to say no matter how many examples I offer up here...
The ordinary "Joe or Mary on the street" who saw something strange while going to Wal-Mart on Friday night, and who makes no bones about the fact they have no idea what it was or is...has got everyone of you dead to rights when it comes to credibility in the public eye.
Even if Fox News is willing to pay you to appear on one of their hour long exposes.
Especially if Fox News is willing to pay you.
After all if it wasn't for Fox News,
we here on Earth would have no idea that "Two headed homosexual Lizards can have human babies in outer space...
Would we?
So in the words of your own Peter Merlin...
I think it would be a real good idea for a lot of you to "Relax" when it comes to the use of the "Three Forbidden Letters" here at Dreamland Resort.

Just My Two Cents


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