Re: Needles "UFO" Crash Site circa March 2008

Message posted by psiuh88 on June 04, 2009 at 19:22:36 PST:

Lina Moulton Howe interviewed a security guard who may have seen the same object futher west on its inbound trajectory, and he claimed it had some debris falling off, including a panel.
the interview started off OK, but went astray towards the end.

digging with the aid of a good metal detector(s) once you zero in on the approximate impact site might be a good idea.

the observers claim it gave of several colors coming in, but a teal blue was prominent. metals give off different colors as they burn off - copper burns off in such a color. I don't know what this one might be, or alloy more likely. I don't know of any current uses of copper in aerospace structures other than wiring. maybe there's some other composites which glow like this when burning off?
titanium gets pretty white hot as its burns. steel tends to be a yellow/orangish and aluminum is a whitish with a light yellow I think.

and for all the hyper wanna-be moderators, both of the interviewed eyewitnesses I heard about at least first believed they were seeing something military, especially the guy who saw the helicopter with a load slung under flying out.

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