Re: Needles "UFO" Crash Site circa March 2008

Message posted by Loopbacktest4echo on June 04, 2009 at 11:40:36 PST:

I recall the incident and I believe there was some discussion here about it at the time. There was a UFO Hunters show about it this past weekend. Disclaimer: Can you really believe a TV show about UFO's? They searched the area between the railroad tracks and the river and found several areas of burnt brush. Some expert said the brush burning was a natural event. I fell asleep, but I am pretty sure they didn't find the impact crater. If they did they would have used it as a teaser for the program. Anyways, I believe that what came down in Needles was military hardware and that it was recovered within an hour of coming down. I believe Needles is important because it is under the flight path of many top secret test programs. Just my opinion. Proof? I got nothing. Can't back it up. But the witnesses are credible.

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