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Message posted by loopbacktest4echo on June 01, 2009 at 10:37:25 PST:

In my experience all identifying stickers would be on the front window or bumper of the vehicles so that the sticker can be easily observed, scanned, and/or photographed/recorded as the vehicle approaches the security access point. Having them on the rear window means the security guard has go look at the back of the vehicle in order to validate it, and then would have to walk back to the front of the vehicle to signal to the driver to pass. This makes for a bad security procedure. Imagine doing this for a hundred or more vehicles a day. Also I would imagine that the access stickers would need to be something that doesn't attract attention like this one does. This sticker has cut outs in it where you can see through the sticker which is somewhat unusual to me. I can see where it might signify something inside the base that imparts privilege but not access. To me the sticker on the rear window of the vehicle only has working meaning if the vehicle is used in such a way that it is approached from the rear and needs to be identified quickly. This vehicle is a pickup truck so anything loaded in the back bed could easily block the view of the sticker. Again, this would be a bad security procedure. This leads me to believe the sticker is not official but as has been suggested ceremonial. Just some thoughts.

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