Re: Spirit and Raptor photos

Message posted by Mark on May 22, 2009 at 20:21:02 PST:

The Spirit (B2) is the wrong plane in today's world and isn't really usable for that type of missions required. That's why 50 year old B52's are still in service and used.

The Raptor (F22) is kind of in the same boat. To start with its way too expensive (the main reason we aren't buying more) and its mission is basically air superiority. There's no Air Force in the world who even has planes that can challenge our last generation fighters (F15, F16 and F18). That's the reason the original design of it was modified to give it additional weapons carrying capacity (at the loss of stealth). The upcoming F35 is a much better aircraft for our future needs and as of now unless Obama screws it up we will purchase this plane in large quantities.

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