Re: New Trip Report with Area 51 panorama photos

Message posted by JoeinTX on May 13, 2009 at 23:04:11 PST:

That tower is not a blimp mooring.......too big, too complex, too overly constructed, and not in the right place. Blimps, by nature are wild creatures and any realistic planning for such a gigantic mooring would put it farther away and in more distant areas than right around the communications and Sat arrays. As well, there would need to be a clean and neatly constructed circular pad, of equal size the blimp, around the pole mooring so that any such blimp could be recovered or launched safely depending upon the weather and conditions.

In short, not at all for a blimp.

What's it for?

Seeing as how it's amid the base's communications/radar arrays and's some sort of similar device. What kind I can't say. Odd arrangement.......enormous.........unlike most anything you'll see and at an airbase or commercial airport. Let's just revert to Occham's thinking and be done with it since it makes the most logical sense.

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