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Message posted by Lou on May 13, 2009 at 14:55:18 PST:

I spoke of the possibility of a smaller version of the oft mentioned heavy lift (stealth) blimps a while back. I am glad to see the amount of discussion going on now about this subject, for it is very real to me.

About a year and a half ago I witnessed 2 black hockey puck shaped craft hovering silently just to the southwest of Austin. In the time it took to give a startled look at my companion & back over to the left - these things vanished. We were not freaked out because at first we thought they were baskets tethered to hot air balloons, but they were not - there was nothing above them. They were approximately 8' tall & had a circumference of about 30'. They had a blimp / slate gray fabric like look to them is as best I could describe their appearance.

Of course the giant triangle sightings are widely reported - just this past week some film has been posted on a yahoo board showing lights in a triangular arrangement over Lahore, Pakistan. The locals there are calling 'ET' naturally. However the claims are typical of other incidents where it was there & gone in a flash.

So bird dog - to me your curiosity is well founded & I am sure those that stake out around military bases & scale mountains in all kinds of conditions will agree. For all I know - I could have been part of some mass hallucination or something BUT I will never forget it & remain curious of what could be in development or active in secret. Just keep your emotions in check is about the only advice I would offer ............

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