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I was working for a government think tank back in the 80's and I was out in the antenna field working on an antenna calibration. When I came down from the antenna there was a guy who has standing about who said he wanted to ask me some questions about what we did. I told him that I couldn't answer any questions. As I was walking away he asked me if it was true we had a UFO in our basements. I thought this was crazy so I said I seriously doubt we have a UFO anywhere on the premises. Fast forward, I am in a debrief with my division head for speaking with the guy who turned out to be a reporter who had snuck onto our corporate property. My division head admonished me about talking with anyone about our company. Just talking to the reporter could have been grounds for firing me. I was able to kep my job because I reported the guy to security. The DH then asked if I have been in every room, lab, and vault on the companies premises. I said no I haven't. He then said so you really don't know if we do or do not have a UFO on the premises do you? I said no I don't. He then said very seriously, don't be so sure about what you don't know. I am not a UFO buff but I can say that it seems probable to me that if the government came into the possession of a UFO it would be put under the control of the CIA. The CIA tests it's most secret aircraft at Groom Lake so it is not illogical to think that if they had a UFO they would house and test it there or in that region. While this is very unlikely it is still a possible if not probable scenario. In later experience when UFO's were being referred to the term UFO was not used. One of the terms I have heard used is boggie but there are other terms depending on who is referring to them. One of my current customers is DHS/ICE and I was joking with them by asking them how they document illegal aliens from off planet. The joke fell flat when they said that they would have to document anyone who is not a citizen of the U.S. regardless of where they were from. I said do you have a office at A51? The answer was "we're everywhere". I gathered that if aliens were on our planet the goverment would have a system for regulating them. So my point is, who knows? Even people who may be working on these things may not know. I am sure there are very few people at A51 who know what's going on in every office, lab, vault, and hanger.

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