Peter Merlin 3 questions.

Message posted by Daniel McLaughlin on April 18, 2009 at 4:18:59 PST:

After much google earthing I came up with some pretty preposterous ideas... After finding this site I've calmed down a touch but have 3 questions...
1. Just past the old rnwy 32, left approx. .5 miles according to google E. Is the square Tarmac that upon further investigation has been part of the base for a long long time and if I'm right was used when Oxcart was happening. It's obvious from what I see that there is an entrance to what appears to be an underground facility and the geolgical anomalies around the perimeter would appear to validate that claim. My question is... Do you suppose that it is still used?? Although rnwy 32 left is marked as closed it sure is conveniantly close to the old runway making launch and recovery a quick task.
2. At the hold short portion of each end of the new rnwy 32 right, and 32 left are six yellow crescent shaped markings. they have the superimposed taxi stripe leading to each one, and seem to be unique to A-51 and the Tonopah test range (A-52?)any thoughts as to what they are and why do they need them??
3. And what is the strange facility between Barstow Ca. and Edwards AFB That according to my world aeronautical chart is restricted airspace??
34 49.184 N 117 17.307 W at approx. 52,600' according to google earth... Anybody have any input??


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