Super Couple see UFO at Area 51

Message posted by Robert on April 15, 2009 at 23:36:34 PST:

And YES, we did see some interesting lights
The news about the couple from England that I took for a tour of Area 51 in March has gone public. They were filming for their reality show the night I took them out to Area 51. We saw strange lights over Area 51 from the back gate near Rachel. It was discussed quite a bit on the discussion forum at Some of the press are totally making them out to be "cooks", but I was there. They are genuine people who saw something out of the ordinary for them. It was not for publicity. You can search the discussion forum archive at Dreamland Resort. The sighting was genuine. As for a UFO, I am not so sure!!! I guess UFO sounds good for their reality show, but it was a genuine unexplained event. The date was March 3rd so I must have posted on the discussion forum here March 4th or 5th. It is cool to see the news go around Europe, but unfortunately, I am not mentioned once. At least I hope I don't get cut out of the reality show. I did put a plug for DLR while they were filming. I mentioned to Katie and Peter that, " was a good source of info". I have a great photo that I will post of the couple after the episode runs.

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