Re: Jim Goodall / Glenn Campbell secret A51 viewing spot.

Message posted by gary on September 08, 2001 at 12:38:00 PST:

There are 3 peaks near Tikaboo Peak that should provide good views. Badger might even provide a better view than Tikaboo. With the exception of peak to the south of Tikaboo, all the hikes look more difficult than Tikaboo.

There is the Flat-top view point, which Joerg said requires less effort but is much more dangerous than Tikaboo.

As part of the radio link test, I climbed the hill to the north of the parking spot at powerline overlook. This was not very difficult, though it is still not high enough to see the base. However, given the height of the plane flying during the test we witnessed from Tikaboo Peak, these hills near powerline overlook may be high enough to see into the airspace.

This may be worth investigating since getting to powerline overlook is 1/6th as far as driving to the Tikaboo staging point and the hike is about 3 times easier.

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