Re: Red Flag and Area 51

Message posted by werD on March 08, 2009 at 14:58:55 PST:

I'm by no means the preeminent expert on this site, but,
a51 is referred to as 'the box' by quite a few airmen-- including red-flag participants, probably because it's a no-go for all of them.

Given the nature of what red flag is (practice), I can't quite imagine them sending someone home for a basic airspace violation without reasoning beyond "you shouldn't have done that." The wording wasn't "this guy is going home because he did this twice" but, "those guys are going home" as in, everyone who violated that box

Just from a quick glance, though, the shape of the 'no fly zone' in the onscreen map they show seems to more or less match the proportions of 'the box'. Someone else who knows the range map a little better than I do should be able to confirm that, though.

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