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Message posted by gary on August 25, 2001 at 9:18:40 PST:

While I agree it would be too easy to sneak a bomb across the border, the proponents of missile defense could (bit haven't to my knowledge) make the argument that we would need this system when the threat conditions are high. That is, if we were in a war, we already sealed the borders, or what passes for sealing the borders since not nearly enough money is given to the border patrol for infrastructure. With our so-called sealed borders, the infidels would use their mighty missile to strike terror in the heart of the great Satan.

Take Iraq for example. Would we bomb them crap out of them if they had ICBM capability? Since Desert Storm was a coalition action, Iraq could target Europe. But if we have a missile defense system, we would take the chance that it would stop the rouge nation missile, so we can keep bombing them.

This is just an opinion, i.e. my guess at the thinking behind missile defense. Still, the enemy could build lots of dummy missiles and overload the system.

For those busy writing spy novels, I would assume an enemy nation would smuggle their nuke into the US as soon as they had the technology, i.e. not wait until war time when we are on our guard or had a missile shield. Kind of like a sleeper agent to be activated at the right time, probably when a short wave numbers station puts out the right code.

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