Re: Dreamland from 30,000 feet

Message posted by Gregos on December 30, 2008 at 8:50:05 PST:

Nice shots werD. At first, I thought your first picture was a painting.

I flew a Southwest flight from KOAK -> KLAS about a year ago. Southwest is the way to go as you can pick which side you are on. I knew we would be skimming the southern edges of the Nellis range so I picked the port side. Unfortunately, there was a blue wall of haze from just before Papoose Lake all the way North. It was like God himself "censored" the view! I did get some good shots of Frenchman and Yucca Lakes on the NTS. I think an early morning flight on Southwest during the summer months would be the way to go for a really nice view. Winter here in Las Vegas is when we have our "weather."

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