No UFOs at Area 51.

Message posted by Charles on December 30, 2008 at 0:25:41 PST:

I see from the FAQ (link below) that there are definitely no UFOs at Area 51.

So where do I go for discussion of UFOS at or near Area 51? :)

Is there any interest, discussion, viewing, socializing re: UFOs in the Rachel area? Online re: Area 51? Or is the old UFO scene re: Area 51 completely dead?

I see that the Little A'Le'Inn is still trying to hold its UFO Friendship Camp Out Conference in May, but it is up in the air. So perhaps the old UFO scene is not completely dead. But dying.... ?

Oh well, if everyone in Rachel rejects the UFO hypothesis, I must commend them on their intellectual integrity. The people in Roswell cling to their UFO Museum (yes, I've gone there also :) like a drowning man to a life vest.

Oh, and btw, while I'm interested in UFOs, and that is what brought me to Area 51 in the first place years ago, I'm not, contrary to the FAQ, a "'UFO nut.'" :)

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