Dreamland from 30,000 feet

Message posted by werD on December 29, 2008 at 22:10:37 PST:

My commercial flight from OAK to PHX (my favorite connection for an obvious reason) today allowed me to view the base from the air-- and thankfully I brought some new glass (of the photographic sort) onboard. The plane was WNW of Las Vegas when I shot these, so it's remarkable anything came out!

I did a lot of contrast control and color adjustment to through the haze (there wasn't anything to see otherwise). A few cropped to show detail, one is original size to give you an idea of why things are so grainy. Enjoy.

The angled morning light and the lakebed made a pretty cool mirage effect worth looking at.


(I doubt anyone desires more grainy images of the base we've seen at 1m resolution, but if so, just let me know!


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