Re: 2004 "EMP like" Incident

Message posted by Dave on December 21, 2008 at 20:33:32 PST:

The training of individual participating aircraft or flight units does not always stop at the end of a big training game. This is especially true for weekends and Reserve Component people.

An EMP related demo or exercise would especially be a candidate for an after-game schedule so that it would not otherwise interfere with the previous main game.

The 2004 "William Tell" Nellis recurring exercise was 21 Jan 2004 to Wednesday 18 Feb 2004. The EMP incident was on the following Saturday, 21 Feb 2004. This gave the main William Tell participants 2 days time to pull maintenance on their equipment & go home. You decide if it was U.S. DOD or not; who else would do an EMP around Nellis?

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