Re: Snow problem?

Message posted by J356 on December 19, 2008 at 5:32:32 PST:

the other day when LV had the weather(keep in mind I don't live there and the extent of my knowledge is LAS ATC during that time) a lot of the planes inbound diverted to LAX. The problem was that planes needed X visablity to land on runway 1 and the current visabilty was less then what was required. ATC tried to move the planes to runway 25 (I think because to land there the visability requirment was less) and in the process the visability went down to a 1/4 mile. That was to low for planes to land there so they were stuck again trying to decide what to do. On top of that there was an emergency because of low fuel and many planes trying to decide what to do. I heard a Janet flying into LAS but I can't remember if it actually landed or turned around and went back to the range. I checked the later flights and they were delayed an hour+.

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