Air Force conducted gravity surveys near 51 in early 80's

Message posted by breeser on December 07, 2008 at 13:26:34 PST:

I was an Air Force Geodetic Surveyor working for the Defense Mapping Agency doing gravity surveys west of Rachel Nevada near area 51 in the early 80's. I held a government secret clearance at the time. We worked in civilian clothes and often grew beards and let our hair grow to not not cause undue suspicion around the public. We did a lot of our work off-road in 4x4 DoD vehicles. Sometimes we flew in a rented bell jet helicopters west of Rachel near 51. At one time we were being tracked on radar by an air force jet that made a warning gun run on us in which we took evasive action, probably because we flew too close to 51.

The nature of our work required that we measure gravity anomalies over several miles and loop them back. For the uninitiated, gravity is not a constant, it varies over terrain and oceans. We did this type of work in Nevada, and parts of California that we tied into a grid that was known at the time as The Land Region Gravity Model or LRGM. We were told that this data was to be used for Reagan's MX-Missile program which I do not believe was the truth.

Defense Mapping Agency or DMA, was responsible for such things as establishing latitude, longitude, gravity readings, and doppler positioning surveys (think pre-gps). The squadron was eventually disbanded in the early 90's.

Looking back at it now, my theory is that we were providing initial field data which would later be computed into gravity maps over certain terrain which would act as a test course for vehicles powered by anti-gravity propulsion systems.

I'm looking to initiate contact with researchers who might be able to supply additional information on what we were doing, and for who?


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