Re: Yucca Mountain Rail Route

Message posted by Robert on December 06, 2008 at 8:51:31 PST:

I am somewhat educated, and realize you will never be able to convince people to accept the statistics about the safety of transporting nuclear waste. It is ridiculous to compare the US nuke program to the Russians. That would be like comparing our sub program to theirs. The "cold hard" facts are that nobody wants that stuff in their backyard. Chernobyl unfortunately shows how dangerous contamination can be. The majority of the people are not going to look at the scientific evidence about the safety and need of transporting it to Yucca Mountain. Plain and simple, people are going to fight it. It is so arrogant to criticize people's education when they are making decisions about Yucca. It is extremely naive to think people are going to use their head in this argument. My reason is totally selfish. I don't want any kind of construction, building or any attention in that area. I don't want a prison in Rachel or any new train construction near the area. That area is special to me because of the way it is right now. I know that is selfish, but that is the way I feel and no amount of data is going to change my mind. The Government will probably win in the long run, but not without a fight!

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