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I am not convinced as the ufo contest is indeed some sort of event, but only at one location and the "craft" are flown by balloons.

The triangular crafts which have been sighted worldwide, are not seen above a small area. They appeared at various locations, hovered and flow away! If you search for sightings on Youtube, they are seen in England, Belgium, USA, Brazil, Israel and also in Iraq.

Especially the Belgium intercept by F16's is an occasion to look at, because the craft accelerated to mach 10 or up, when the F16's came close. This has been told by the Belgium authorities. That evening many reports came in from people who saw the craft. That evening videos have been made and shows a triangular craft with light beams on each corner. The same craft has been seen by two police officers in the US and in various occasions worldwide. Why can't this be a real plane?

Why those lights? You just stick too much to the present aircraft models. According to reports this is a new way of propulsion. Some sort of Hydrogen - Oxygen variable Rocket engines. Together with the anti-gravity core of plasma it makes this craft extremely fast. When it needs to be stealty, they might operate from very high altitude or there might be a way to compensate those light. Off course I don't know everything!

I am just wondering why everyone is so convinced that this story is a hoax. There have been many of the same sightings worldwide and people "from inside" have made comments about the existence of a craft like this.

This is one of the sources:

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