Re: What help can you expect on Groom Lake Road?

Message posted by neonsky on November 24, 2008 at 16:36:38 PST:

How old is your Dad, and what medical problems does he have. I am 69 yrs old and spend a week or more at a time RVing in the desert or maybe near the Inn. I am usually alone when I do this. I carry a basic first aid kit, water, jacket, and that’s about it in my pickup. I have never heard of anyone dying in that desert area from exposure or neglect. Unless you are in an isolated area, there is always someone who will come by.

Ambulance service from Alamo will be about 45 minutes away after being notified as they are volunteers. Emergency helicopter service may be a couple of hours away coming out of Las Vegas, usually for serious auto accidents.

Rachel has zero medical aid available.

If your Dad has mild heart problems, then always carry aspirins with you whenever you take him anywhere. An aspirin under the tongue will help stabilize most minor heart attacks.

Unless something occurs that requires your Dad to be immobilized, then it would be best for you to drive him towards Alamo. Since there is no cell phone reception in the valley,
you will pick up cell phone reception after you make it over Hancock Pass and are about halfway down the road towards the main intersection of Rt375 & 93, then you can access 911.

The border markings are almost 14 miles from the main road (375). Although Rt 375 is a lonely road, there is still a good amount of traffic on it, maybe every 15-20 minutes on average in daytime and early evening.

I rarely worry about what can happen to me, but focus on the enjoyment I am having. I get the usual cuts, scrapes, and sprains, but I get off the beaten path a lot, and that comes with the territory.


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