What help can you expect on Groom Lake Road?

Message posted by Robert on November 18, 2008 at 22:23:26 PST:

I take my dad out to Rachel to get an Alien Burger about once a year. We like to take photos at HWY 375 and Groom Lake Road but he doesn't like to go to the warning signs. I have always wonder what would I do if there was a medical emergency. I am sure the cammo dudes would render first aide near the warning signs, but what if the Sheriff was far away, nobody in Alamo could help, and the helicopter near Caliente was not available and it was serious emergency. I have always wondered if the cammo dudes would call paramedics from the base. If it was life threatening and they were the closest paramedics. I wonder. Have any of you heard of somebody needing medical help way out there. I would hope more than Pat in that newly donated fire truck would be able to come to the rescue.


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