So how secretive can they be?

Message posted by Proletarian on November 13, 2008 at 2:59:05 PST:

Although I would never want to see Area 51 open more to the public, I like the fact that there is an air of mystery around the place, I do have some questions.
What about the contractors that are necessary to keep the place viable, that would have to travel to the post, from the nearest community via trucks, the place can't be totally self sufficient, that would be impossible. So what about the contractors that drive the trucks for food delivery, oil and gas delivery, septic tank trucks, Contractors to work on the HVAC, Contractors to build new buildings, provide electricity to the base, etc...
In reality, isn't this place more open then we realize? has anyone ever tried researching which companies provide such services, or perhaps talked to them about Area 51?
In my opinion, there is no way this base could be fully self supportive, there wouldn't be enough employees, equipment, or enough qualified individuals in different trades.


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