Re: Legal question re: trespassing near GLR

Message posted by Hank on November 06, 2008 at 16:23:54 PST:

I have not had the pleasure of meeting the Cammos or the Sheriff in person. We do know people who have crossed for one reason or another and have been cited for various charges. Some have had the pleasure of visiting their facilities for an overnight stay. The cases I know of were pretty much cut and dried. The fines ranged from $600.00 to $1100.00. One person who went to fight it and lost was charged an additional fee for court costs. He said that when he applied to renew his passport he had to jump thru many hoops and it took him a year to get it. They said one of the charges was trespassing on Federal land that contained a military base and that is why they flagged it. Not sure how true that part is. I know of no one who beat the charges. If you cross the border for any reason its common knowledge that you are toast.Iam always amazed that anyone would cross.

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