Legal question re: trespassing near GLR

Message posted by Anonymous on November 06, 2008 at 15:49:02 PST:

A couple of weeks ago I was cited for trespassing by Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept. near Groom Lake Road. The essence of what happened was that I was driving on a single lane dirt track on public land, when I encountered a "No Trespassing..." sign. It was dusk and the road was very rough, and I could not safely back up all the way to a safe turn around spot. There was an obvious turn around spot 40 ft inside the border, so I thought I'd cross, quickly turn around, and be gone in less than 30 seconds. Unfortunately, some cammo dudes were chilling at that exact spot, jumped out, and detained me for the sheriff, who then presented me with a trespassing citation and stiff fine. There are additional mitigating factors, but that is the basics of what happened.

My question is this: Does anyone have experience with a similar incident and/or experience with the local judge in Lincoln County to know whether it is worth me flying back to NV and attempting to argue my case in court? (as opposed to just paying the fine and being done with it).


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