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Message posted by Roadeye on October 29, 2008 at 6:32:49 PST:

I remember an incident like this happening to a neighbor of mine back in the early seventies.
He was in the Canadian Navy and passed away after a prolonged sick leave from the forces.
At the funeral home, after the guests had all left for the final visitation two men arrived to check his casket and then, after the funeral, a couple of days showed up at his house to retrieve a package that he too carried in a locked brief case.
His wife complied and the men left the house.
What was in the package came to light some days later when another neighbor was asked about it.
It was, his pay book, and phone list or need to call list that he was required to keep with him at all times in case something urgent should arise.
Of course, the navy did not want that information out there for everyone to see...but, to be sure, the information it contained was not exactly "Top Secret".
It was however the property of the RCN and they wanted it back in their hands.
The casket search was done to make sure no keys or combinations to any locks on the base were accidently or otherwise buried with him.
This, according to the neighbor was standard practice anytime any member of the forces, passed away while still on active duty.
My neighbor was on sick leave and had not handed these documents etc in prior to his demise.
Had he left under normal circumstances he would have handed them in with the rest of his kit during his exit briefing.
Not saying that's what happened here...but it does sound similar to me.
Just my two cents....


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