Message posted by Metro on October 24, 2008 at 14:43:43 PST:

In researching about Area 51, TTR, JANET flights, etc., I keep coming across the name "DET 1 AFEREG" in relation to Area 51 activities.

For example, some of the "Cammo Dudes" were deputized by a woman named "Nancy A. Martin" who uses a PO Box in Mercury, NV that is listed as belonging to "DET 1 AFEREG."

Additionally, some plane trackers have noticed that several JANET planes were listed in official documents as being owned by "DET 1 AFEREG."

Some have suggested that "DET 1 AFEREG" was an OLD name for what is now called "DET 3 AFFTC" which we know is the "official" name for Area 51 and which stands for "Detachment 3, Air Force Flight Test Center." But I disagree. I think "DET 1 AFEREG" is still in active use and refers to a detachment linked to Area 51, TTR, etc. besides DET 3 AFFTC.

Google the term "AFEREG" and you'll see a number of links suggesting the organization still exists and has recently ordered equipment, made hazardous materials usage reports, etc. There was even one job listing I found for a guy who said he was a "flight test engineer."

But what does "DET 1 AFEREG" stand for? This I haven't been able to figure out, although some reasonable guesses can be made:

Obviously "DET 1" is "Detachment 1," and "AF" is "Air Force." It would be reasonable to think the "G" stands for "Group."

So we have "Detachment 1, Air Force __ __ __ Group."

Based on the guy saying he was a "flight test engineer" at the facility, and based on what we know about Area 51, TTR, etc., I'm guessing that AFEREG stands for some variation of:

"Detachment 1, Air Force Engineering Research and Evaluation Group."

I've tried Googling to see if such a group exists, and haven't found anything though.

What are your thoughts? What does AFEREG stand for?


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