Re: OT Notam Question

Message posted by Don on October 24, 2008 at 9:28:54 PST:

I wouldn't elude to a Presidential visit accompanied by a B-2 bomber, more likely the fact that all these aircraft are large and in the event of a fire would require foam retardant. I would say this is a standard notam pulled from the file and generic in nature. The only reason to single out aircraft types would be the fact they are on the ramp or on the schedule in the time frame posted for the notam. Again this is election time so a VC25 is not uncommon to show up on short notice, the b-2 might be here for red flag, the C-5 also for Red Flag. As none of us are privy to AF 1 schedules I might guess that Nellis is an alternate divert for af1 in this timeframe posted? I'd make a very accurate assumtion that this is a generic af notam pulled from file as required by some regulation to notify all "possible users" of the fire fighting capabilities. AS they say this is probably SOP "Standard Operating Procedure"

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