Strange story

Message posted by Jeffro on October 23, 2008 at 20:09:45 PST:

a lady at my church told me a story that seems strange to me. She said her husband was retired AF. During his career and after he retired, he always carried a locked briefcase. She was told, more than once, that upon his death, she was not to open the case, but that someone from the military would be by to retieve it. Well, he died.....and she opened the case. Inside were his service medals and citations along with a duct taped package that was marked "DO NOT OPEN". Sure enough, after the funeral, military personnel showed up at her house and asked for the pkg, of which she obliged. She also said that before the funeral, the military came and spoke with the funeral director and cordonned off the entire funeral home. They wouldn't let her in until they had spoken with the director and examined the body.

Now my question to all of you, is this for real? My father in-law was special investigations with the AF and we didn't see anything like that at his funeral, and we know that even after retirement, he was still tasked on occasion by the AF. We have even wondered if he visited A51, as he was stationed in Ellsworth in the 70's and, according to my wife, would be gone sometimes for weeks at a time.


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