Re: Higher, Farther, Faster?

Message posted by JoeinTX on October 20, 2008 at 22:21:00 PST:

Just a very oblique and sideways thought, but "metallurgy" in terms of aircraft development seems to have evolved into "materialurgy" (as I make up a word) considering composites and all.

As so many new materials weave their way into the production landscape with each displaying particular qualities, strengths, and faults the goal marker is moved and skewed accordingly.

Fiberglass has been around for almost 50 years but only today are some of its applications being realized in the commercial world. As carbon-fiber tech is further refined who knows where it could lead and be used.

I have some spun fiberglass pipe that we use for various things.........strong as any metal piping and lighter by a mile.......but it can't be welded or brazed or soldered or misformed in any way. It is what it is but it doesn't have the versatility or flexibility as its metal equivalent.

Here's to hoping that some day it will because it is wonderful material.......but its yet to reach its maturity.

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