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With a little work, you should be able to netcast from Tikaboo. A scanner should be able to pick up a broadcast on the FRS band, and then if hooked up to a PC with a sound card. [I'll bring a FRS transceiver.] You can get the netcast software from . There is free software on to do the same thing, but it is really really buried deep in the web site since they want to sell you software. Another possibility is

The problem is a low speed dial up can only support two listeners. What is technically possible though I haven't done this is to feed the audio to a listener with a cable modem or DSL, who then rebroadcasts the audio over the net. I believe a broadband hookup can support about 30 listeners.

Radio Destiny supports intranet netcasting, which basically is a netcast where you need to know the IP address of the netcaster. That is how you do the uplink. If the person with a broadband connection had two PCs plus a router on the front end, the broadband netcast would be pretty simple. Hook-up the audio out from the receiving PC to the audio input of the netcasting PC. In theory, this could be done in software, but I don't know how to do that.

Some of you may recall I netcasted the HAARP signal a few months ago.

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