Re: Triangular Craft Sighting: Supplemental Data

Message posted by Gregos on October 15, 2008 at 17:20:42 PST:

I find it to be disrespectful for Mr Campbell to kick down the door just to whack the hive so to speak. Everyone likes fun and a joke especially me. However Mr Campbell should have labeled it as Off Topic Humor or such. I myself didn't waste any time on it other than reading the thread, however not everyone is unemployed with time to waste. Then to have him advertise his UFO Hunter trip in the Forum right after is in poor taste. We all know his background but I think it is unfair for him to try to piggyback his site onto Joerg's amazing Dreamland Resort. He should have made his UFO / Tikaboo Hike as just another trip report and left it as that.

We all know he has a new site up and running now. I think it would be much more tasteful if he didn't try to advertise. If people want to go over and read, God Bless.

There's my 2...

PS Come get the Research Center.

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