Re: "UFO Hunters" on Tikaboo Peak

Message posted by RG on October 15, 2008 at 17:09:55 PST:

Apologies. I'm a bit of a nebwie on here. One of my drinking buddies mentioned his trip as a SAC on a 2 seater Lightning one evening, relayed the shrill sound of a Vulcan Bomber ontake off and I've been hooked on hypersonic flight since. I had also read about the supposed Aurora flights from Machrihanish when I was an impressionable schoolboy. I'd like to be able to say I'd forgotten about it but I'd be lying.

Can I suggest we put aside any prejudices against different posters and concentrate on unravelling the truth (whatever that may be to different people) I personally want to believe that there is something more powerful and more fantastic than the A-12 that can fill in the gaps of a satellite's capabilities.

Furthermore, if Steve Douglass is right in claiming that Groom Lake is now a tourist destination and that some very real hypersonic Black Projects (that we all love) are farmed out to other air bases, I'd really wet my bed at the prospect of seeing such aircraft in action.

BTW. For the Glenn Campbells of this world, I commend your sense of humour. Still, it is a testimony to this forum that not many people fell for the prank. Happy hunting and good night.

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