Triangular Craft Sighting: Supplemental Data

Message posted by Glenn Campbell on October 14, 2008 at 17:46:37 PST:

For those of you interested in my triangular craft sighting from Tikaboo Peak, here is some supplemental data:

(If not shown above...)


As I said in the comments to my blog entry:

"The craft was virtually silent: no jet noise, no hum, no sonic boom. It was traveling roughly in a northwest direction (about the same vector at Highway 375 in the Tikaboo Valley). The trajectory was parabolic. The craft appeared to accelerate at approximately 1G during flight, which would have made it nearly weightless. The occupants, if any, would have experienced almost no gravity until the end of the journey, when they would have been crushed by the accumulated inertia (at least according to Earth physics). No human could be piloting that craft and survive. Who then?"

The original blog entry is linked here. Did I lie?

Attached link: Triangular Craft Sighted Near Area 51


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