Re: Amazing photo by Glenn Campbell from Tikaboo Peak ....HUH?!?!

Message posted by Ron on October 14, 2008 at 12:04:08 PST:

If you check out the trip reports and photos section, you will see stories about actual sightings and real photos of aircraft seen. People on here, are the absolutely most knowledgable people regarding black projects on the Nellis Range, bar none.

What you see as skepticism here and debunked, is actually to get to the truth and separate fiction from fact. Just be glad that people here know enough to be able to call something fake, when it is.

But, if you want websites that talk about things without skepticism and that will believe in or discuss most anything, Above Top Secret could be more your cup of tea. You get a lot more posts there, but a lot more complete and utter BS.

Here, you will get a lot more real information and discussion, without all the space alien and other garbage.

Joerg has a great website, with a lot of great people here. I am sure people here would welcome you if you want to discuss and contribute, but such a negative post, in which you were clearly wrong about the subject matter (yes, it was a rock), is not a good start.

And again, thanks Joerg for having this site.

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